Highlight the potential and added value of traditional herbal systems in CAM and regular healthcare systems.

Giving support and cooperating with action groups devoted to free therapy choice for practitioners and consumers within the EC countries.

Cooperating with State administrations and FDA’s of exporting countries to monitor the traditional aspect as well as establishing stringent criteria for identity-, quality-, and safety-control.

Monitoring transparancy and consistency of directives from  committees active in food- and drug related legislation.

Gathering scientific evidence and evaluate methodologies that contribute to the fine-tuning of definitions. In other words: developing criteria  to discern between medicine, medicine by function, traditional medicine, novel food, food supplement and food.

Engaging in more direct contact with relevant EC members and committees and developing contacts with the different committee chairs.

Engaging in interactive contacts with the EC health department and related national departments.

Developing additional strategies for interaction with all 26 EC member states and their representatives, as well as with the EC parliament.

Informing practitioners, institutions, academies,professional associations, importers and distributors, as well as the general public by  means of publications, mailings, petitions, organizing conferences and  legal interventions.

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